Janelle Monae’s Big Wet Boobies In See Thru Tops

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The video above features singer Janelle Monae showing off her soaking wet big brown boobies in completely see through tops to promote the release of her upcoming single.

Janelle Monae nude

After spending the early part of her career dressing in men’s suits to look like a butler, Janelle Monae has discovered that if she shows off her massive mocha mammeries like this her album sales increase exponentially.

Janelle Monae sexy

Of course how it took Janelle this long to figure out that she should be using her immodestly feminine body for her promotional material is quite remarkable… Especially considering that she is a savage Sub-Saharan who’s lineage completely consists of females in her family being evaluated exclusively for their frames… Both by potential mates while out on the African savanna with their tits out flapping in the breeze, and while on the auction block at North African Muslim slave markets.

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