Hot Porn Genres That You Should Consider

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You have already heard about the “popular” and trending porn genres. It’s nice and all, but there are ALWAYS plenty of other hot porn genres. The XXX categories listed down below might not be the most sought-after but we honestly believe that they are entertaining and arousing.


Let’s get weird. Not everyone has this fetish for feet, but everyone can appreciate a very thorough, somewhat creative stimulation of the penis. Free XXX tubes such as PornVideosDot say that there’s not a big overlap between people that are interested in toe sucking and people that appreciate POV footjobs. It’s an interesting fetish, which is why so many people turn to it and this kind of porn!

Virtual Reality

Yeah, not too many people can afford VR devices and whatnot, BUT it’s obviously the next big thing in the world of adult entertainment. The level of immersion and hotness offered by this X-rated genre is enough to make any viewer blow their load right away and can leave them having visions of hot virtual reality porn for hours to no end.


We know you thought this list was all about really raunchy hardcore sex videos. Well, guess what – Softcore porn isn’t that bad, y’all! It revolves around mostly romantic love-making with hot people that appreciate each other and resort to tender caresses and other forms of sexual intimacy. After all, romantic passion is a beautiful thing.


In very much the same way that K-pop is taking over the world (including in Hollywood movies, big and small), so is Korean porn. There are plenty of Korean porn sites out there and people just cannot get enough. PornVideosDot reports a very sharp rise in searches for Korean porn, which actually makes a lot of sense when you really consider that so many retired K-Pop stars are also in the porn business.

Trending Porn Genres of March 2022

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2021 Here

Down below, we are going to go through several popular categories, one by one, so that you can view the fastest-growing porn genres for years to come. We will try to avoid the usual suspects, including big ass or big booty porn. Everybody knows that people enjoy curvy women so these options are hardly surprising for anyone who’s been following trends in the past. But we’re going to cover a lot of ground so we have to examine some wide-ranging categories, and that’s why we’re including some traditionally lesser-known genres, too. That said, we will highlight some genres that you might not be familiar with. So sit back, relax, and read on!


2XXVideos reports a 41% rise in searches for shy porn in the past month. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why shy porn videos are popular. And they really are all the rage right now. The secret to being successful is to create a video that arouses the mind as much as it arouses the body. The taboo implications of fucking with shy people are usually enough to do just that.


We refuse to talk about this genre. Fuck off.


It’s a seasonal thing. People are always searching for public porno movies for inspiration whenever the weather is nicer. The vast majority of people are excited by sex in public, especially if it involves busty MILFs or other consenting adults.


Guess what? 2XXVideos says that these types of videos are not only popular in Sweden but also in Norway, Denmark, Finland… and the rest of the world too! People are hungry for hardcore sex with Scandinavian babes. They are very appealing, there’s no doubt about it. Check out the best and the latest Scandinavian porn movies to find out why.

Find Better Porn on a Superior Pornographic Tube

Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2021 Here

As they say, variety is the spice of life. You can’t really promote a pornographic collection that lacks in diversity and expect people to flock to it. That’s the reason why we are not recommending XNXX and its pornographic library. Obviously, it would be inappropriate to leave you without a recommendation, so here it goes… 

In35 is one of the most promising and underrated XXX tubes in the world. The only reason why we brought up XNXX in the first place is because In35 has a handpicked collection of all the best videos from that website, proving once and for all which XXX site is better. Aside from doing a much better job with the same set of videos, In35 also has a wider selection of pornography when compared to all the other adult websites. Even if you’re only interested in their groundbreaking selection of XNXX pornography, you still need to check out all the other stuff that they have to offer because (as cliché as that sounds) it is legitimately unmissable. Go ahead, give it a try!